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   When will the Archangel Conversion Stock be Available 


Most of the mosin nagant rifle fans out there can hardly wait to see the Mosin nagant stock being mosin nagant stock available on the market. This wonderful, ultra lightweight stock has been presented at the SHOT show this year, and everyone was so enthusiastic about this accessory.

It is definitely a much better option that all those laminated or hardwood stocks, and the Archangel Conversion stock is compatible and adjustable with all main types of mosin nagant rifles such as the Russian rifles, the Finish rifles, the Czech rifles or the Chinese ones. It can also be adjusted with a PU Sniper, but you will need to perform some modifications. According to estimates, the Mosin Nagant stock (the Archangel Conversion stock) is going to be available from early April 2013 in online stites.

mosin nagant accessories

One of the best rifle accessory stores where this stock is going to be available is mosin nagant accessories You can easily order your stock from here, and it will be delivered to you in the shortest possible time. Then, all you have to do is fit the stock on your rifle and you will immediately get an ultra modern military style rifle ready to accompany you through those hunting trips.

The hardwood or laminate stocks are not so comfortable, because they add a lot of weight to the original rifle. Also the laminate and wood stocks are much more expensive because the prime materials needed for manufacturing are more expensive too. On the other hand, a carbon fiber reinforced polymer stock such as the Archangel Conversion stock is lightweight and it also represents a much cheaper and modern option. For more affordable mosin nagant accessories check out


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